Friday, June 19, 2009

Let's Go Clubbin'

We decided that it's time for us to showcase some of our own work. Over the years JB Chicago has done work for numerous bars and nightclubs in the Chicago land area. It was interesting for us to see how design styles have emerged within the nightclub division. These next pieces are all flyers or ads that were designed for our clients. This particular division allows for designers to elaborate on the skills they have been taught and venture into new areas. Each one of these flyers represents both the branding of the client and also the style of the designer. Even today we see amazing things happening in the nightclub world. As designers, it is exciting to see the new paths that design is taking and where it will lead to next. Hope you enjoy!


  1. my fave is the blurred-car big wig ad. these are pretty durn cool.

  2. Where's the Plastic Wrap with the RGB lighting effect when you need one?