Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hell Yeah!

It's that time again... the Hell Yeah! Post of the week. This next piece was a direct mailer done extremely well. We realize that designing direct mailers can be very difficult. Not only are we creating a piece that will be distributed to a large mass of people, but we also have to design something that will stand out from the other crowd of direct mailers that people receive everyday. We for one, know that many of the direct mail pieces people receive have about a "10 second life span" from the hands of the receiver directly to the garbage can. It is our jobs as both marketers and designers to change that. 

Below you will find one clever idea for a direct mailer. Papa John's Pizza "delivered" these mailers door to door using people's peep holes as the vehicle of choice. Instead of opening up your stack of mail and finding just another oversized postcard promoting pizza, you are greeted with a surprise. We can just imagine the looks on people's faces when they look out their peep holes and see a delivery man!

Just looking at this would get anyone hungry! The only downfall, would be their vehicle they chose. Not everyone has a peep hole, but still a very effective marketing and design idea "delivered" well!

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